ESPLERP legal challenge to expand sexual privacy rights DECRIMINALIZE ADULT CONSENSUAL SEXUAL COMMERCE
"This is a case about LIBERTY. It is about the right to be let alone, about controlling one's own destiny, and about limiting the role of the state in certain spheres of our lives."

So reads the first paragraph of our opposition to the governments motion to dismiss our case. This paragraph sums up why decriminalization of adult consensual sex work is a top priority in terms of harm reduction and equal protection under the law. The heart of this case is deeply rooted in the sentiment that each human being is sacred space, each human being is the highest governing authority of their own body mind and life. This is a case that should resonate with every sovereign human being.

As the state constantly fortifies it's control over our bodies and personal choices at every turn, this case is the antidote which seeks to cement a line which boldly declares our personal choices pertaining to sexuality cannot be a matter of state control.

Please share this site with others. Please share the link to the legal fund. This is a grassroots effort. Unlike our opposition or other recent civil rights victories, our efforts have not been well funded. We believe this is due to criminalization of our economies including all of our intimate, commercial and domestic relationships. The resulting negative stigma of using our capital and that of the larger erotic communities to support our rights have been disincentivized. But it is not illegal to donate to a legal challenge such as ours. We need your help and support!

ESPLER is a diverse community-based erotic service provider led group which seeks to empower the erotic community and advance sexual privacy rights through legal advocacy, education, and research. In our legal advocacy, we seek to establish change through a combination of impact litigation, policy statements, and voicing our concerns for our community in political arenas. Through educational trainings and outreach, we will empower and capacity build to address discrimination of erotic service providers and the greater erotic community. Lastly, we strive to archive and rate much of the research which has been done by and of the sex worker community, and build on this history with research which seeks to be increasingly inclusive, respectful, and ultimately, relevant to the erotic service providers and the larger erotic community.

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